Travel Portland is seeking a proactive, curious, analytical, and experienced leader to serve as the new Senior Vice President of Business Strategy.

Travel Portland is a promoter and steward of this evolving city and its progressive values, which have the power to transform the travelers who visit us. Travel Portland generates travel demand that drives economic impact for Portland. We do that by promoting the destination in bold, innovative, and collaborative ways that harness Portland’s personality and values and that connect visitors to authentic experiences. We do it because we believe in the good of Portland and the transformative effects of travel.

The Senior Vice President of Business Strategy provides leadership to the Travel Portland Convention Sales & Services department to optimize results in both short- and long-term sales efforts by identifying annual goals and driving performance to meet those goals and ensuring the fulfillment of the organization’s contractual obligations.

To be successful, the Senior VP of Business Strategy must be able to lead the local convention and meetings community in aligning sales strategies and developing robust business development channels, while maintaining collaborative relationships externally with the International, domestic, and Portland hospitality community. Internally, the Senior VP of Business Strategy works with various departments including marketing, public relations, and community engagement to develop programs that complement and promote the overall mission of the sales and services effort.

In partnership with the Vice President of Convention Sales, Director of Convention Sales, and the Director of Convention Services, the Senior VP of Business Strategy is responsible for ensuring that all budgetary, contractual, and reporting requirements are met and that a commitment to excellence and success is fostered across the department.

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Reference #3948

Location: Portland, OR

Contact: Kellie Henderson, Senior Vice President, info@searchwideglobal.com

Position Overview